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General information about the company

Who we are

We’re a young and dynamic company that offers the professional and custom feel of a boutique hotel in addition to the touristic apartment model. This is why the concept we sell is that of “Boutique Apartments, your home away from home”.

Our success relies in three main points:

– A personal approach

– Our priority is the client’s satisfaction and we make a great effort to give the best possible service.

– And, of course, our apartments are of the maximum quality and design.


Why a touristic housing?

An apartment for tourists is a great option for both short and longer stays and gives you at the same time the benefit of the privacy, convenience and freedom that an hotel can’t provide.

In Gran Vía Capital we wish for everyone visiting our cosmopolite city to enjoy to the maximum their stay with us, by offering a welcoming, comfortable and exclusive experience.

We know that this kind of accommodation for tourists is the most interesting alternative for those travellers that are here for business or pleasure and want to discover the city from within, without having to give up all the advantages of an hotel but also preserving the freedom and independence that our design apartments have to offer.

Don’t be a mere spectator observing this wonderful city. Become part of it and you will discover why it dazzles so many visitors.